Urban adventurer and original host and co-creator of “Wild Chicago”, Ben Hollis, decided to do a talk show at Six Corners and our own Mike Oelrich is one of his featured guests.   read more →

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November 23, 2013

Every industry has its own vocabulary. It can be fun for even the most casual observer to know a few of the terms used by professionals, so here is a basic list of magazine industry terms. read more →

We have nothing against books — we just like magazines better. Here are ten reasons why we do. read more →

Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know your magazines. read more →


August 23, 2013

An occasional feature of the MAGBAG is Strange Phenomena. Culled from the pages of magazines like FATE, Fortean Times, and Strange, these oddities give perspective to our workaday world, and enrich our humdrum lives with a taste of the unexpected. Here then is a compendium of a few of the conundrums of science we’ve highlighted in past issues. read more →