Top Ten Reasons Magazines Are Better Than Books

We have nothing against books — we just like magazines better. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Robert Haft of Crown Books said it first, “Books cost too much.”

  2. These days, who has time to read a whole book?

  3. Magazines have more pretty pictures.

  4. If you like a magazine you don’t have to wait a whole year for a sequel.

  5. Magazines aren’t as heavy as books.

  6. You can write a letter to the editor of a book but he won’t print it in the next edition.

  7. The information in magazines is more current.

  8. A book is a lecture — a magazine is a community.

  9. If books are so great, how come the library lets you take them home?

  10. A book is just a book, but a magazine is a read.