Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know your magazines.

1. Which of the following Beatles’ songs is not also the title of a magazine?

a. Flying
b. Good Day Sunshine
c. Money
d. Paperback Writer

2. The word ‘UTNE’ in UTNE Reader refers to . . .

a. The states UTah and NEbraska
b. UTterly NEcessary
c Eric Utne
d. University of The North East

3. FHM is an acronym for . . .

a. Fool-Hardy Man
b. Fantasies of His Mind
c. For Him Magazine
d. Free & Healthy Male

4. Which of the following is not a type of periodical?

a. newsletter
b. novel
c. newspaper
d. magazine

5. Which one of the following magazines accepts advertising?

a. Consumer Reports
b. Taste of Home
c. Birds & Blooms
d. Reader’s Digest

6. The word magazine derives from a French word meaning . . .

a. leaves
b. storehouse
c. crow
d. to look

7. What is the oldest continuously published magazine in America?

a. Time
b. The Sporting News
c. Scientific American
d. Variety

8. How many times a year is a bimonthly published?

a. 4
b. 6
c. 12
d. 24

9. Rolling Stone magazine was founded by . . .

a. Mick Jagger
b. Bob Guccione Jr.
c. Jann Wenner
d. William Randolph Hearst

10. Which of the following is a music magazine from the U.K.?

a. W
b. O
c. Q
d. A



1d. There is currently no magazine named Paperback Writer.

2c. Eric Utne is the founder of the Utne Reader.

3c. For Him Magazine.

4b. A novel is not a periodical.

5d. Of the four, only Reader’s Digest accepts advertising.

6b. Magazine is a French word meaning ‘storehouse’.

7c. Scientific American has been published continuously since 1845.

8b. A bi-monthly is published every two months, hence 6 times a year.

9c. Jann Wenner founded Rolling Stone magazine.

10c. Q is a music magazine from the UK.


9-10 correct — You must be in the industry.
6-8 correct — You are a true magazine aficionado.
3-5 correct — You’ve been to a newsstand recently.
0-2 correct — You need to go to a newsstand NOW.